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How to get you Architect Drawings Printed at The Business Box

How Get Your Construction Plans Printed at The Business Box

Copying Blueprints

The Business Box prints blueprints from PDF files, or we can copy your architect drawings with our scanner. If you need to bring in in original blueprints for scanning, please click here to make an appointment, as per our covid19 procedures.

Printing Blueprints from PDFs

Ideally your construction plans have been prepared in one multipage PDF file. If this is the case AND you know how many sheets are in each set, you are all set to order from our website:


  1. Just click this link to get started. If you Right-Click and choose "Open link in a new Window, you can keep these instructions open in the other one!! If you don't need the instructions, you can left clink to get to the ordering page.  From this page click on the link for printing the appropriate size.
  2. Select the number of pages that are in each set from the first drop down menu.
  3. You are then asked how many sets you would like printed (from dropdown). Please select the number of sets required.
  4. If any of your blueprint sets require stapling, please choose the quantity that you want stapled - not all sets require the same finishing.
  5. To send your PDF File to the Business Box click on the Choose File button where it says "Upload PDF".  You will need to know where your PDF File was saved on your computer.  
  6. Press Add To Cart when all details are entered.If you have more files to print, go back to step 2. upload the next file and continue the steps to "Add to Cart.

  7. If you have more files to print, go back to step 2. Select # pages in the architect drawing file and continue the steps to "Add to Cart"

  8. Once all files are uploaded you can "Check out"!

  9. Most of our customers choose the "Pick Up" Option.  We offer local delivery or delivery to anywhere in Canada.

  10. If you are ever in doubt, don't hesitate to contact us.