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Custom Printing

The Business Box is a local printshop which can print any standard printing job, whether it is 2"x 3.5" business cards or 8.5" x 11"  glossy flyers.  But most of our printing is custom printing.  Each customer has unique needs and our business thrives on challenge of providing you exactly what you need.

Books, Tags, Unique sizes, papers and formats all make printing at the Business Box an adventure.  Above, for example, we printed perfectbound books of this customer's publication.  Pictures of the dog, in behind delicious looking drinks and the recipes themselves, made for a remarkable covid19 stay-at-home project.

Sometimes a custom project develops a life of its own like the printing for The Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Portrait Project. This is a hybrid art and medical intervention designed to improve patient care and team dynamics by humanizing the alienating appearance of PPE, through warm and smiling headshot portraits fixed to the outside of a healthcare worker's PPE. 

Providing healthcare workers across Canada with laminated pictures, or stickers of their portraits has been satisfying way for The Business Box to make a small contribution during the current pandemic.  Please learn more at

At the Business Box we welcome all types of unique printing challenges, big or small.  Please send us your ideas, or your files, and let us plan how to convert your idea to print.  Contact us today!