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Business Printing

The Business Box was conceived to help business with all their printing needs.  Our reputation for quick printing and high quality has being built helping West Island organizations to look professional.

What Printing does Every Business Require?

Most businesses that wants to promote its brand consistently use a few traditional basics:

Letterhead - can be used for invoicing and any official correspondence
Branding can also be done on items such as shipping labels, note pads.  Many customers choose to have thank you card printed which also re-enforce the company's brand.
The Business Box produces many other printing products used every day in business.
Custom forms, often printed on duplicating (NCR) papers are used throughout commercial enterprises, either internally (quality control/internal memos) or for customer interactions (quotes/contracts/invoices).

Offset vs Digital Printing

The Business Box has developed expertise to determine the best method for business printing.  Sometimes offset (meaning with a bigger press) will produce more efficiency and consistent colour, especially if you want letterhead and envelopes to consistently be the same, even as we use different stocks.  Often times our digital printing equipment will allow you to receive excellent colour production in a more timely and cost effective way.  With every job it is important that we understand the client's needs and plan accordingly.

If your organization requires custom printing, please let us know all the details and we look forward to the opportunity to help you out. The Business Box  has a great reputation for quick printing when the need arises so don't hesitate to ask for the impossible.

It is impossible for one printer to manufacture every conceivable printed product.  With fifteen years of experience in the printing business, we have learned which printers are reliable and maintain high quality standards.  We are proud to work with some of the best printers in Canada to ensure that the West Island's local businesses have access to a full array of printing to enhance their operations.  For example, please flip through the catalog displayed below and if you see products which you could use, from stamps, to cheques to stationery, please send us an enquiry and we will be happy to help you find what you need.

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