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PDF Sewing Pattern Printing

PDF Sewing Pattern Printing on Large Sheets

PDF Sewing patterns can be printed at the Business Box.  Typical A0 size patterns ( 33.1 x 46.8inch) can easily be printed on ARCH E (36x48 inch) sheets.

Why Print my PDF Patterns at The Business Box?

Typically, your printer prints on letter size paper, or maybe up to 11x17.  At the Business Box, we have a couple of machines that print on rolled paper allowing for much bigger prints, which produce several full pattern pieces all on one convenient sheet. 

printing sewing patterns at the Business Box

How To Print Sewing Patterns

We suggest working from computer or ipad so that PDF file can be found fairly easily. Before starting, please know how many sheets need to be printed.  If you are not sure, choose 1 page and we will let you know before we print. We will confirm your actual price before we start. Each PDF File needs to be uploaded and ordered separately, but can all be checked out from cart at one time.

    1. Just click this link to get started. If you Right-Click and choose "Open link in a new Window, you can keep these instructions open in the other one!! If you don't need the instructions, you can left clink to get to the ordering page.
    2. To send your PDF File to the Business Box click on the Choose File button where it says "Upload PDF".  You will need to know where your PDF File was saved on your computer.  
    3. If you have any comments, concerns or questions, please use the Notes to Printer square to communicate with us
    4. If you know how many pages are in the file, please choose the number from the Drop down menu
    5. Default printing is black ink only.  If you would like to print in colour you can choose that option from the Printing Ink Drop down menu.  Price increases with colour as you will see immediately
    6. If you need the printing to be be folded to fit into an envelope, please choose that option.  The default for the printing is in rolled up sets.
    7. Press Add To Cart when all details are entered
    8. If you have more files to print, go back to step 2. upload the next file and continue the steps to "Add to Cart"
    9. Once all files are uploaded you can "Check out"!
    10. Most of our customers choose the "Pick Up" Option.  We offer local delivery or delivery to anywhere in Canada.
    11. If you ever get stuck, we look forward to helping you- feel free to contact us with any questions.

      Your printed sewing plans should be ready on the next business day (or possibly on the same day it was sent, depending on the time)  You will be contacted by our staff to confirm an appointment for pickup as per our Covid19 procedures. Note that we are open Monday-Friday except for holidays.