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Using Printed Media to Build your Brand Image

Posted by Jill’s Corner Admin on

Written by Jillian Simpson, Owner of It’s Flippin Thrift



There are countless applications of print media and how it can be beneficial for marketing, but the subject on which I would like to discuss today is how you can use printed media to grow and strengthen your brand’s image. As an entrepreneur and small business owner I am very appreciative of the help that The Business Box’s printing services have given me to solidify It’s Flippin Thrift’s brand image. 

What is branding? 

Branding, by definition is using a name, logo, symbols or designs that are easily associated with the company or business. All businesses can benefit from banding as it helps distinguish and differentiate them from other businesses in the same industry.  

Creating cohesive promotional materials

When it comes to print media and branding, I would highly recommend using your logo often and having it visible on every item so that your customers will quickly begin to recognize it. I would also recommend creating cohesive marketing/print products with matching colour schemes and the same family of fonts. Using the same colour scheme and fonts for your promotional marketing & media, both in print and online, allows customers to identify them with your brand, and thus your brand awareness has begun! 

How I used print media with It’s Flippin Thrift

Initially for my business I began by packaging every order with a “thank you” business card containing all of my social media and contact information so that customers can stay in touch after their purchase. I have no direct way to track how many people actually look at these and follow me, however, I know that a few have as I have received messages from my customers and have made friendships with clients after they have followed me!

As my sales increased and my business grew I was grateful and wanted more ways to thank my customers and new friends for supporting my business. I designed some “thank you” postcards so that I could write personalized messages to repeat customers or friends who purchase from me. I know that I personally keep any hand written note that I receive from other small businesses as I appreciate the sentiment and effort behind it. 

The latest addition to my “thank you” collection is branded thank you stickers that I can stick on the outside of my packages. These help add a personalized touch to semi-generic polymailers and not so exciting recycled boxes. They also support my brand image and are the first impression that a customer has when they see their item arrive in the mail. 


What can you do? 

Some print materials that can help you start this process are business cards, thank you cards, postcards, stickers, labels, posters, and more! 

I encourage you to check out The Business Box’s website for more ideas and to contact them if you have any questions, need more ideas, or don’t see what you’re looking for!




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