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Saturday morning rant about online printing

Posted by Mike Simpson on

Happy 2021! 

Sincerely want everyone to know that The Business Box appreciates all the support of the community over the past 15 years.  To say that the world has changed over that time would be an understatement, but some things remain constant and we look forward to many of the customers who are back to see us every year with their printing.

Was about to do create pricing for postcards on our website - a few hours of work that I am trying to justify on a Saturday morning - I think I'd prefer to be out skiing. Or maybe I should shovel off the rink?

So maybe I can procrastinate by trying to make a blog.

How Does a Local Printshop compete online?

Since day one, we have searched for a way to connect to customers online.  It makes sense to add convenience to the professional printing process. You order what you want, when you want.  I guess in my head, The Business Box is always hoping to be Vistaprint for the local community, but better!

Truth is Vistaprint has improved its online presence over those years and offers some great deals. Their online ordering systems and the constant deals they offer are the embodiment of online marketing.  And they sell a few billion dollars in print every year.  Hats off to Vistaprint, who thankfully employs hundreds of printing professionals in Canada to service the North American marketplace.

What then, should the Business Box be doing online? Where do we fit?  Or do we?  Really struggling as we add products to our Shopify site, but still are not generating new customers or orders.  Is it worth the time/money to be online?   What are buyers looking for when they need printing?  If we spend more, will we start seeing a return?

We understand we are part of the local West Island community.  We also know with thousands of businesses, artists, local organizations, etc. there is more than enough printing business to keep us going at The Business Box.  At the end of the day every buyer needs to buy what's best for their organization.  We know that, for some items, we offer more value than Vistaprint (cost lower/same or better quality/ faster turnaround) but that's a moving target when you are offered Vistaprint's 25% off coupons, etc.   I'm not smart enough to play that game.  When the Business Box offers a price, we don't have 25% profit to discount - sorry!

So then what?  We don't have a huge budget (who does?) as 40% of our clients are not buying print during the pandemic (this is not a complaint - we are much better off than clients who have lost all their business) I guess this blog has more questions than answers.  How do we find new buyers online?  How do we inform them of the pride we take in each of your jobs? Or should we move on to other use of our time?

Of course learning to blog is just part of the journey. And learning about SEO, and keywords, and all kinds of jargon.  Loving the learning, as it's stimulating to learn new skills. Hoping its worthwhile, that at the end of the troubled times, we are still standing strong to serve you with all your printing needs. If you have ideas, would love to hear from you 

So today's idea is to ask for small amount of help.  From what I have ready, and been told, online recommendations build credibility, and can help us get traffic, which can lead to sales..... Let's see if if it works.  Below is link to the recommendation:

If you have suggestions, please let me know.



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