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Why Offer Same Day Printing?

Posted by Mike Simpson on

It seems that maybe, despite the Pandemic, business may be about to pick up.  Why the optimism?

I believe that entrepreneurs are starting to get busy once again because we are seeing a rise in emergency printing requirements.  In the fifteen years that we have been providing printing services for the West Island, we have always strived to get people out of jams.  For whatever reason, there are a lot of situations where customers suddenly need quick printing. Fortunately, we are equipped for exactly these demands.

For example, this Monday morning, we are starting off are day with 100 same day business cards, 4 sets of 500 forms and another small run of personal stationary - all needed for today.   These orders were completely unforeseen at 4:00 on Friday afternoon, as I was closing up the month of April. So they've been added to the pile and for a small premium, have be pushed to the front of the line!

Please don't hesitate to send us your emergencies, your impossible deadlines and your last minute ideas.  If we can't help you, we'll tell you quickly - hopefully we can help you can find a solution. 

At the Business Box, it's very satisfying to provide a service that will help you build your business


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