Cheque Printing at The Business Box

If there is one industry that needs no help from small businesses, it's the banks! So why do so many of us continue to pad their profits by having them print our cheques?  It's insanity, but unfortunately many people are just unaware that there are lower cost cheques available, with shorter lead times and more choices than ever before.

Ok, once we have determined that buying cheques at your local printer, such as The Business Box, will save time and money, one important question remains.   Are cheques produced by non-bank printers safe?   Our cheques are available with all kinds of security features, which enhance security.   Check these two links to read about these features. security link1. security link2

The next time you open up any type of chequing account, it's worth your effort to at least compare what the bank is offering to what we have available.  Moreover, as your supply of cheques begins to dwindle, that may be the ideal time to give our cheques a shot.

Just flip through the catalog below, or feel free to contact us with any questions.