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Poster Month at the Business Box

Publié par Mike Simpson le

Why have a poster month at the Business Box?

The Back story - Lockdown can not end fast enough!  Obviously!

Travel bans are increasingly causing stress and hardship for many families, but for many of us, we just have a longing to leave behind our Montreal winters for a short vacation.  That's not going to happen! Add to these facts, my oldest children (who aren't living in Canada, obviously) will both be on beaches next week, and you realize that we crave a little change. Is sunset envy a sin (my daughter's view last night? 

sunset in curacao

Although we can't help you leave the city, the least the Business Box can provide is a little colour for your walls.  In the form of posters.

The idea was brewing this weekend, and Saturday I took it as a sign of confirming a good idea when CBC's "The Age of Persuasion" had a show about movie posters.  You can listen here as Kim and I really like the program.

So basically I figure everyone has pictures from vacations they might want in a big print. I just put up 3 pictures from my daughter's vacation in Italy in our print room.

posters in our print room


Or you might have a desire for something artsy, or inspirational. There are many cheap or free poster ideas online, with good downloadable file. For example, shop on Etsy and buy a cheap poster that we can print for you with a high quality image. Pinterest can be another source of cheap or free downloadable files.

And then what?  After you order your printing, you just need to get it on your wall.  Perhaps you have an old frame.or a couple pieces of tape..  Or maybe you want a really nice new frame? Try Chase Framing in Beaurepaire Village.,Michael can offer you tons of choices at all different prices.

We look forward to seeing all kinds of wonderful artwork over the next 4 weeks, and we will work hard to make them look great.  Stay Safe. Thanks to everyone who continues to keep us safe and healthy, as this pandemic's duration is nearing a full year.  


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