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Business Box Equipment Purchases

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New Printing Equipment

Although he Business Box has had a huge hit in sales since the Covid Pandemic began, it would be irresponsible not to invest in equipment to keep improving our operations.

Label Cutting Machine

One are where we have maintained steady sales during the pandemic has been in stickers and labels.  Many busineses are looking to create different sticker to promote their products, and with many entrepreneurs launching new products, there are always labels required.

A few weeks ago, we began operating a great new finishing tool.  The machine is called the Intec LC 600.  Its primary function is to help us create custom labels and stickers.  The machine using a rotary diecutting knife to "kiss cut" labels that we print on sheets.  It has allowed us to create beautiful  12" circular stickers and custom shaped labels for several customers.

New Kip for Wide Format Printing

As the construction season began heatiing up, we realize that our old Kip wide format plotter was starting to wear down.  After looking into repair options we realized that it would be much more prudent to get a machine with an up-to-date operating system and were fortunate to find a Kip 7170 which had printed less than 30,000 square feet.  

To get some perspective, it was like finding a two year old car with only 5000km driven!  With the purchase we received some excellent training and we are now even better prepared to provide you with any of your blueprint printing. 

Standard 24x36 Contructions plans are printed at a rate of 6 per minute with amazing sharp quality.  In the first 2 days of operatiions, we have already "driven" the machine a few thousand square feet and it's looking great.  Now we just need to get more architect and engineering drawing printing work!

Prints perfectly to scale for great sewing plan printing!




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